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PolarityGear Bath Tissue Holder Core

PolarityGear Bath Tissue Holder Core

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The PolarityGear Bath Tissue Holder Core.

This Core will need to attach to a base of your choice. The base is not included.

You can use the Bath Tissue Holder Core with the Mounted or Clamp Base. Choose either of those you like. The Clamp base can easily attach to ADA Grab Bars.


The base is sold separately.

Materials: Neodymium Polymagnets (TM): CMR 2240, Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless steel wires, screw, shaft, & insert.

A key is supplied to tighten the Core to the base of your choice.

Images with the cube symbol can be rotated and zoomed.

If you are a machinist or DIYer you could fabricate your own base or place to mount your Core with an M6 threaded hole. You could use a rivnut (also called blind insert) for installation on sheet metal or drill & tap into plate or thicker metal.


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