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PolarityGear Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Holders:

  • Unmatched one-handed operation
  • Adjustable intermittent resistance for your favorite paper brands 
  • Patented and Engineered to be best in category
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Fits ALL roll sizes
  • No unraveling of paper
  • Quality components


Your New Favorite Chess Set

  • Patented platforms swing-out with the pieces attached
  • Beautiful all-wood construction with wood inlaid squares
  • Lock the two halves flat with innovative locking mechanism
  • Silicone pieces have good weight/feel with felt for sliding
  • Setup is quick and easy moving pieces from the platforms
  • The “Quawn”, a chess first, for promotion of a pawn to a queen
  • Comes with a nice canvas carry bag

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