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Glue Issue with HoldenArt Chess Sets

Glue Issue with HoldenArt Chess Sets
  • The glue used by the factory has been used reliably for years on sanded, semi-finished wood surfaces.
  • This chess set required metal to be fixed to wood where the wood was cut or routed (not smooth). The glue, with its low viscosity, was over-absorbed by the wood with exposed wood fibers.
  • About 1 in 4 chess sets have problems where some metal parts become detached.

  • The problem was discovered after all sets were assembled.
  • The thought was that not enough glue was applied. So, they reapplied more of the same glue on defective sets.
  • Only later did we realize that the viscosity of the glue was the problem.

The Best Solution We Can Think Of
  • We’re offering the chess sets at a huge discount and well below our cost.
  • We’re trying to move them out ASAP to reduce loss.
  • Consumers can apply a quality, slow-running glue to reattach parts.

In Summary
  • We cannot apologize enough if you get a defective set.
  • We hope you’ll enjoy the set even if it has the glue issue.
  • Contact us if you’re unhappy with your set.