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Traveling from Trade Show

I’ve been going to the International Housewares Show in Chicago off and on since, I think, 2001. You might already know that I’ve had paper towel holder innovations since before that time. I don’t love paper towel holders, it just happens to be an item that I have thought about a lot. But, back to my story… When traveling to and from trades shows, I typically use a hard shell shoulder bag that’s big enough for a couple of prototypes and a roll of paper towels. You can’t give an effective demonstration without the roll. Anyway, I was returning from the Housewares show and was in the airport at the gate waiting to board a plane. A person very close by spilled their coffee. A few people looked around for something to help with the clean-up. I opened my bag and pulled out a roll of paper towels. Yes, people were curious. BTW, whenever I use paper towels for demonstration or testing, I always stack them and use them later. I actually bring them home if I’m on the road.

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