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Instructions and Tips

PolarityGear Instructions and Tips

A few things to help you enjoy PolarityGear to its fullest potential

Screw the Roll Holder onto the base provided. Use the Key for leverage to securely tighten it to the base. If you have a Screw-In base, you might want to wait until after it's fixed to the wall.

Use the Key to securely tighten the Roll Holder to the Base.           

There are four settings for resistance level. The arrow points to the current setting. Try it with a roll and adjust if necessary. To change the setting, hold one part stationary and turn the other. Level 1 is easiest to turn. Adjustment from Level 4 can only be done in one direction. As the paper roll gets smaller over time, you may want lower the resistance (go to 2 or 1).

Put the roll on all the way, until it contacts the base.


Rip paper from near a corner, not from the middle. Think of tearing checks from a checkbook.

Assembly Instructions for the Countertop PolarityGear

Stick the rubber feet to the bottom of the base in the places provided. Do this first to prevent scratching your table or countertop.

Screw the holder on to the base. Insert the key provided into one of the small holes and pull around to tighten the unit securely.




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