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History / Bio

William Holden grew up in a unique family on a summer day camp, the family business. His late father started a major rafting/adventure company. His mother started a nationally recognized school. One brother is a former Olympic athlete. Another brother is a quadriplegic from a car accident. The oldest brother, Charlie, passed away in 2019 and was a dedicated and gifted glass artist. His work and studio are now in the hands of an amazing glass artist Lisa Schnellinger. Check-out Fused Light Studio.

William created a mobile years ago for his disabled brother’s hospital room and realized the appeal to make things would not be denied. He created fountains with ice-cream scoops and other items to make the streams of water jump and cascade. In 1999, with metal working equipment he made a paper towel holder that fastened to the side of his fridge to save counter space. After developing and designing new products for many years he discovered how high-tech magnets will change the standard for common paper towel and toilet paper holders.

Fountains made by William Holden


An early prototype of a sanitary, one-handed paper towel holder.

High tech magnetic discs with north and south poles around the edges provide “detents” that create an intermittent torque resistance which allows easy one-handed tearing of sheets. With magnet-viewing film the discs look like gears, hence the name “PolarityGear”. Because brand, thickness and ply dictate the force required to rip paper, PolarityGear has an innovative undulating helix mechanism to adjust the strength of the resistive force making it ideally suited for all brands and types of paper products.

Once folks experience the product it should get traction and become a popular item. The products have a higher quality feel, are easier to use, and made with higher quality components than other products in the category. More importantly, PolarityGear will make an impact for those with disabilities or limited dexterity.


One of the high-tech magnets with north and south poles around the edges looking through magnet-viewing film.

The current PolarityGear Countertop paper towel holder.



“PolarityGear”is a registered trademark of HOLDENART INC. and is patented.